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Get Pre-Qualified with Confidence or Give Sellers Confidence with a RealQual Pre-Qualification.

What is RealQual?

RealQual is a part of Home Point Financial’s commitment to help you purchase your next home FAST & EASY!

Why take advantage of the RealQual Program?

One of the biggest problem sellers face in today’s real estate market is time wasted on an offer from a buyer who is not fully approved. It’s not uncommon to hear loan officers issuing a pre-qualification letter after a mere phone conversation with the potential buyer, without reviewing their income and asset documentation.

RealQual gives sellers peace of mind in knowing that an underwriting team has reviewed the potential buyer’s income, credit, and assets before issuing a RealQual pre-qualification letter. The process is fast, easy and accurate.

Please provide the following documents to receive the quickest service: 

  • Sign RealQual request form
  • Previous 2 years of Federal Tax Returns
  • Last 2 years of W2s
  • 1 month of most recent pay stubs
  • Summary of assets

To get started, call us today, toll-free at 401-732-2555